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    Sales Hotline:0537—2204868
    Address:Jining Taibai Road 
    District No. 98
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           National implementation of brand management, marketing management, marketing network, marketing team four major construction projects, construction machinery to dig victory market potential, vigorously develop the market as the primary task of the development of enterprises, so that the visibility of victory in the domestic market rapidly improve market share has expanded each year. Improve the technical service system is the desire of every user, victory construction machinery deeply appreciate this, and therefore, in the original fast, comprehensive, high quality service basis, but also presents a faster, more detailed, better service slogan, from pre-service consulting to after-sales guarantee, more service personnel have the technical expertise to take the initiative, so that we can better close to the user, for the domestic construction machinery market situation of survival of the fittest competition, allowing users at all times can feel our services. Quansheng Construction Machinery has a strong professional, comprehensive technical service team to ensure that every user in the shortest possible time, on-site service and maintenance, by the victory of construction machinery customers and colleagues praise.
    The company has a dedicated machining equipment: Pump bench, engine power tester, 500T hydraulic presses, computer detector, Maryland has nearly three million large warehouse inventory components. These are the projects we undertake all types of mechanical excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, motor graders, pushing Rakes and generator maintenance basis, coupled with the victory of people the spirit of excellence, efficient and fast service model, these are we are committed to provide our clients escort guarantee.

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      Contact: Zhang Lei   Phone:13853761258
        Sales Hotline:0537—2204868  Fax:0537—2204558 E-mail:jnqsgcjx@126.com Address:Jining Taibai Road District No. 98

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